Welcome to WHI Hotels

Welcome to WHI Hotels.

WHI stands for ‘Which Hotel Inlcudes’. We help travelers find hotels with specific features.

So if you’re 18 and you’re looking for hotels that include a minimum check-in age of 18, you can find them on our website. Or maybe you want a hotel room that includes a hot tub?

You might like to travel with your dog and want a pet-friendly hotel. We even help truckers find hotels with truck parking.

No matter what you’re looking for we’ll help you find your perfect hotel.

How it Works

Chances are, when you land on a page on our website, it’s because you searched Google or another search engine for something specific.

All of our pages follow the same structure:

Every hotel we have listed includes;

  • The hotel name
  • An image
  • Star rating
  • Price
  • Overview of amenities that might be important to you
  • A button that takes you to booking.com for more information

Hotel Descriptions

Read more about each hotel so you can better choose the best for you.

We try to tailor our descriptions to highlight the most important considerations of the people viewing them.

For example, if you’re 18 and you’re looking for hotels that allow 18-year-olds to check in, we try to highlight the amenities and benefits that are important to you.

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly hotel, we try our best to highlight what’s important to you.


At the end of each page, we have a frequently asked questions section. Here we answer any questions people ask about the subject in general or about how we chose and list hotels.

How We Make Money

If you find a hotel on this website and book your stay through one of our links, we might get a small commission. There’s no additional cost to you, it’s an agreement we have with the booking agents.

Also, some of the hotels we list don’t pay us anything. We still list them because it makes this website helpful.

We Hope You Find This Website Useful

It’s taken us a bit of time to put whihotels.com together. We hope you enjoy using it but more than that, we hope it actually helps you save time and find the right hotels.

And if you have any questions or comments, get in touch!